Available on the store several models of the iconic model Adidas predator, in this blog you will learn some information about them.

The oldest shoes available for purchase are Adidas predator Pulse from 2004.

The Predator Pulse was introduced in late 2003, before UEFA Euro 2004. The first colour released was black and red (original). This Predator is the first boot include what Adidas calls the Power Pulse System, and only Predator Pulse can't change to the original insole.

Adidas introduced PowerPulse in the Predator Pulse in late 2003, and continued with the Predator Absolute in November 2005. Adidas claims the PowerPulse sockliner shifts the boot's centre of gravity closer to the point of impact, which they say offers more powerful shots on goal. Most of absolute's PowerPulse is 40g, however only Red version is 60g.

Adidas Predator PowerSwerve 

With the Predator PowerSwerve in late 2007, Adidas introduced a foam material they call Smartfoam. They claim it gives the Predator element more rebound power, swerve, and improved control through longer ball contact. Zinedine Zidane helped to develop the new Predator PowerSwerve boot. After ending his active career, he worked together with the Adidas innovation team in the further evolution of the new boot. Scientific tests have shown that, in comparison to its predecessor, the Predator PowerSwerve can achieve up to eight percent more swerve and increase the power behind every shot by around three percent. The Dynamic PowerPulse technology in the sole of the boot and the special hi-tech foam in the forefoot upper material make these improvements possible. The PowerPulse element filled with tungsten powder, which shifts weight toward the point of impact, enables players to put more power behind every shot.

Adidas AdiPower Released in May 2011, the Adidas adiPower Predator saw a shift in focus for the Predator range with the release of the new adiPower. The Powerspine technology has been retained, providing greater shooting power by minimizing energy loss. The Predator element on the instep of the boot has been split into two performance zones. The power zone incorporates 3D fins for power, while the silicon rubber Predator element provides swerve and ball control. The adiPower Predator now features the Sprint Frame outsole, originally created for the F50, making it 25% lighter than the Predator X. Real Madrid's Kaká and Manchester United's Nani wore the adiPower Predators.

Adidas LZ (Lethal Zones )Released in May 2012, but previously tested by professionals in blackout versions, the next Predators will be called the LZ due to the five "lethal zones" on the boots. Previously referred to as the D5 due to the same five zones being called deadly, Adidas changed the name in the build up to their release. In a change for the Predators, they will have a synthetic leather upper and these will be the first Predator boots with miCoach capability. The Predator LZ features that same SprintFrame and stud configuration that is found in several other ranges such as the adipure and F50 adiZero. The first zone is called "first touch". It is on the front of the boot. It supposedly gives the wearer a good first touch. The second zone is called "dribble". It is on the side of the boot and supposedly gives a better touch. The third is called "drive". This is the classic predator zone in the striking part of the foot, used for long passes down the field and more powerful shots. The fourth is called "pass". It is made up of extra foam with a bit of tacky material in the passing zone. The last one is called "sweet spot". It is on the side of the big toe and is helpful for giving spin and chipping.

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